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Welcome to Tah Wars

Planet Tah...

Far away and long ago, an asteroid slammed into the planet TAH.

It brought death and changed the world for the descendants of those who survived. 
Remnants of the ancient impact are found as seams of purple crystal embedded within the strata of native stones. This crystal, called Neonite, possesses mystic properties. Properly harnessed Neonite can levitate objects of unlimited mass and size. Kings and warlords, revolutionaries and despots seek out Neonite, each seeking absolute control of their people and their rivals. 
Massing their armies in huge flying castles, they push the borders of their realms, expanding into the territory of their enemies at the vanguard of ruthless armies.

Take control of one of 6 Races and use your flying castle to send out farmers, miners, and armies to prove that you are the rightful ruler of TAH. Gather resources, complete quests, and buy stronger armies. Rotate and move your castle (Dice Tower) on one of 4 different maps.

Align your dice tower chute with an opponent’s dice tower and deploy your armies (dice) to attack their defenses.
Earn 5 Crowns before any other player to win the game, and rule TAH, until the next War.
Can you defeat your enemies and secure your title as ruler of TAH?


Tah Wars Board Game

The First Dice Tower Miniature Board Game

Use actual Dice Towers as Player Pawns

Each player will be in control of their very own dice tower. It will be your player pawn and army launching pad. These towers will measure 6 inches tall.

Gather resources, recruit armies and complete Quests

Using your dice tower, you will be launching armies or gatherers to complete quests and gather resources like food, wood, stone, and Neonite. You can choose between 4 maps to play on.

Move, rotate, and launch dice against your opponents in Tah Wars!

On your turn you can move or rotate your dice tower to aim the chute at the location you want and fire your dice. Try to hit your rival towers to inflict damage and gain victory points.

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6" Tall Dice Towers

Designed by Heriberto Valle Martinez, based on the artwork of Andrzej Rybus.

Each Castle represents the home town of one of the 6 Races of planet TAH.



Vultanie is a solitary race that prefers to live apart from other cultures.  Even in their floating rookeries, they maintain small, isolated households.  Pairs of Vultanie run their homes with a strict hierarchy the lord maintaining control over the entire house from children, to cleaning staff to the gladiatorial stable – all obey the rules of the home.  That doesn’t mean the Vultanie are not social creatures, far from it, but they do engage each other in highly regimented and stylized ceremonies, generally involving the sharing of food or blood sports.

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Tah Wars Team Members

Meet the people behind the game:


Board Game Designer

Creator of Board to Death Reviews and Owner of gaming store "Chez Geeks".
Designer of Carmarace, Street Kings, Neon Knights and now Tah Wars

Art Director & Artist

His amazing artwork and portfolio can be found here: https://www.artstation.com/oojayjayoo

Writer and Story teller

So much work under his belt, a passion for writting and telling amazing and emersive stories, Find him on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/bladestalker 

Text & Rulebook Editor/Translation

Love of language and games, Jessica is an essential part of Board to Death. You can meet her on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/jessica.elias3 

3D Dice Tower Sculptor

Well known in the board game industry, if you need something done for minis, this is the guy to contact.

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